You Need an Auto Loan - You Need Your Emotions in Check

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Unless you are a very good saver or your personal finances are above average you will at some point need to consider purchasing certain items by using finance. Buying a new or nearly new vehicle is no different and if you are like most people such an expensive asset will need to be financed by this method. If you love paying high interest rates and want to get to the poor house very quickly then use your credit card, if you don't then read on.

Now, let's be quite candid here. An auto loan is not as difficult and stressful as it once was. You can get a loan to refinance an existing arrangement; you can get a loan with a bad credit rating. You can get a loan that is secured on the vehicle you are buying or another asset that you own. The repayment terms are flexible, the interest rates are varied and the monthly repayment terms will be a combination of the two.

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You can get an online car loan calculator to work all this out for you before you even speak to a salesman however you must be in charge of 2 things before you start negotiations.
You must be in charge of your emotions and you must know what you want to buy within a very small range.

If you are not in charge of your emotions you will let the thoughts and visualizations of driving your new vehicle get the better of you and this will make it very difficult for you to be objective during the negotiations between you and the car salesman. He knows this and will prey on you. Don't think about driving or owning any vehicle beforehand, take things slowly in a controlled manor and research everything.

Once you have done your research you will know what you want and what you should be paying both in terms of the price of the car and the interest payments. Once you know this you should fix it in your mind and not deviate from the plan under any circumstances.

When you shake hands with the salesman you should be confident of what you want and how much you should pay, he/ she should be on the backfoot and it should be apparent to the salesman very quickly that you have done your homework and you are not an easy touch.
If you show any hint of not being sure and not knowing anything about what you are talking about the salesman will see this and prey on you.

Finding a loan and vehicle is not the full process as you can determine from the advice given above. Remember this and you will not be taken advantage of and believe me there are plenty of people that are.

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