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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Unsecured loans in UK are generally taken as Personal Loans as no security is required to be placed as collateral. The borrowers prefer these loans as there is no risk of the property being repossessed by the lender. However, since the risk for lender is considerably high, the lenders cover it by charging high Annual Percentage Rate. Secondly, very large amounts can not availed. The loan tenure is generally short that can range from one to ten years. The money availed from unsecured loans can be used for a plethora of purposes like consolidating debts, holiday vacations, buying assets like car, etc.

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Unsecured loans for homeowners
Unsecured loan is a blessing for tenants, students, and others who do not own a home. But even homeowners prefer to go for unsecured loans. The major reason being no risk involved. Moreover, lenders prefer to give loans to the homeowners, even in the case of unsecured loans. So, you can get attractive loan deals at lower interest rates if you own a house. Less documentation, absence of legal formalities concerning like property valuation, and quick cash advance are the chief benefits of unsecured loans for homeowners. Saving the collateral valuation charges is another added benefit.

However, you can not avail hefty amounts as in the case of secured loans that are sanctioned on the basis of the equity in your home. But if you already have other loans or mortgages running on your home, an unsecured loan is a valid choice. What adds appeal to unsecured loan is no threat of repossession.

Bad credit Unsecured personal loans
Having a good credit history always help to avail an unsecured loan. It becomes difficult to procure an unsecured loan if you have a bad credit record. For lender it comes out to be a high-risk situation as neither do you have any security to back your loan nor any good repayment history. The second factor makes the lender all the more doubtful. So, the lenders often charge high interest rates on unsecured loans for bad credit holders.

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