FAQ's about Commercial Bridging Loans at a Glance

Sunday, December 14, 2014

As we know that commercial needs can't be delayed for too long, you have to get them satisfied as soon as they arise. But it's not possible to have sufficient cash every time with you. Commercial bridging loans are loans to bridge the gap between your commercial financial requirement and availability of funds with you after the sale of your existing property. Still there are certain questions which people need to know about commercial bridging loans these are:

How much you can borrow as a bridging loan?

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Commercial bridging loans typically vary from £27,000 to £1 Million, but can go higher depending upon your requirement, collateral offered and lenders policy.

How quick can you have the money?

It generally takes 3 to 4 working days to get the approval and money for a commercial bridging loan. This period is even shorter in certain case depending upon the circumstances.

What are the interest charges on commercial bridging loans?

Commercial bridging loans come at a slightly higher rate of interest as these are short term loans. But as the competition is increasing among loan lenders, you will be able to find a good loan deal with certain amount of effort in searching for commercial bridging loan lenders.

What can the commercial bridging loan amount be used for?

Commercial bridging loan amount can be used for paying off creditors, buying commercial properties, expansion of business, starting new venture, paying salaries, buying raw material etc

Is there any penalty if the borrower wants to repay the loan amount earlier then the agreed term?

Depending upon the policy of the lender, you may be charged with an amount generally equaling to two months interest.

What are the properties which are accepted as collateral under a commercial bridging loan?

A First Legal charge and Second Legal Charge on the property may be provided as security for your commercial bridging loan. Following properties are accepted for such loans:

oCommercial & Semi-Commercial Properties:

oResidential Properties :

oRetail Shops:

oAuction Properties & development Sites:

oLand with planning permission:

oBuy to Let Properties:

What is a second legal charge for your commercial bridging loan?

When the property you are offering as collateral is having an existing mortgage, lenders generally repay that debt after deducting it from the approved loan amount. So you don't have to make the repayment for that loan. This option depends upon the lender policy. This is known as second charge lending.

Does my credit status affect the approval for the commercial bridging loan?:

Commercial bridging loans are like no credit check loans and are available to people with bad credit history or poor credit score including CCJ's and IVA's, defaulters and arrears etc.

Now with all your queries solved you can go for a commercial bridging loan for serving all your business proposals and ideas without any delay.

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